July 14, 2015 TJ Houston

First thing in the morning I will bring you an up to date listing of all of the digital imaging deals for Amazons birthday! Have no idea what I am talking about check out this link: http://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/amazon-releases-list-prime-day-deal-teases-n391831   There is another blog that is keeping track of all of the deals as well: http://www.thephoblographer.com/2015/07/15/the-best-camera-and-photography-deals-for-amazon-prime-day/   15% off all warehouse deals!   Accessories: Movo Photo Heavy Duty & Super Sturdy Action Stabilizing Video Handle Grip for Most Cameras $7.95 Joby GP3 GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Flexible Tripod + BH1 Ball Head with Bubble Level $36.99   Expiring deals: These deals are going all…

June 19, 2015 TJ Houston

For the past few years I have been looking at solutions like RPG keys or programming MIDI controllers to control Lightroom in hopes of saving a few minutes when post processing images. I have been un-successful due to the complexity or cost. As I was searching around today for solutions I found an iPad driven model named LRPad. Below I will take you through some of the features and see how it can fit into your workflow! (more…)

June 18, 2015 TJ Houston

For the 2nd annual PPO Summer Snap I will be one of the featured speakers as we navigate the world of Lightroom CC! During this session we will take a deep dive into Lightroom CC.  We will cover everything from import to export and everything in between.  Lightroom is the cornerstone to digital workflow and in this session we will cover many time saving features that you can incorporate into your digital asset management workflow. (more…)

June 16, 2015 TJ Houston

Myself and many other photographers utilize Lightroom CC as their method of previewing and ordering photos with clients. I will go more in depth in how I utilize lightroom in all aspects of my workflow in another post. Today I wanted to share how you can customize the splash screen for Lightroom  so they match your brand! (more…)

April 3, 2015 TJ Houston

Last weekend my friends Ryan, Angela and I  all met up at Angela’s studio in Norwalk, Ohio (http://www.southsidestudiophotography.com/) and she brought her beautiful daughter to model for us to play with some lighting techniques. Here is what we came up with! (more…)

March 23, 2015 TJ Houston

Many of us donate a lot of time, effort and sometimes even materials to different groups and organizations. For example my studio right now is being BOMBARDED with requests for post prom giveaways which is awesome because that is my target demographic for my seniors. Here is what I do to get the appreciation I deserve! (more…)

December 9, 2014 TJ Houston 1Comment

With the new Evaluation system in Ohio my curriculum director needed an easy way to create a folder for each teacher to keep track of all of their documents, evaluations, slo’s, etc. So I went to work and created an easy to use script. (more…)

April 30, 2014 TJ Houston

I have had a lot of users come to me because the IOS 7 update caused issues with not all of their Google Calendars not showing up on their mobile devices. If for some reason no calendars or contacts are showing then you should delete your account and re-add. To get started on your mobile device head to https://www.google.com/calendar/syncselect  You will have a list of your available calendars. Simply select the calendars that you want on your mobile device. Close the calendar app. Re-open the calendar and refresh the app by dragging down on the screen. It will take a few…