White House Releases Educator Kit

Today the Obama administration released a toolkit for Educators with lesson plans and tools to help with 2011 National Financial Capability Challenge “The Challenge, which begins March 7, will include a voluntary online exam for high school students that helps teach about saving, budgeting, investing, and other important skills critical to building a strong financial future. The highest scoring students on the exam will be recognized through a national awards ceremony in Washington, DC. Other high-scorers will receive official award certificates.” – Ed.gov. The official press release can be found here. The toolkit has lessons that deal with

The toolkit can be found here.



Nightly Roundup from Twitter #Edchat

So many resources go streaming by on twitter and I know I will want to go back to them in the future. Here are a “few” resources that I found interesting. For more join the discussion by searching for the hashtag #edchat

HP Teacher Experience Exchange– Great resources for all grade levels. Articles about classroom activities, Professional Development, and Lesson Plans.

17 ways to meet individual learning needs in the math classroom– “Differentiating instruction can be challenging. Student’s educational strengths and weaknesses can be widely varied, making it a difficult task to meet each student’s needs in any given lesson. Math is one such subject area where student skill levels can be very different.”- From the article

Great Idea for showing different technologies you have integrated in the classroom for the year

Changing the language of employee learning

Great First Grade Teachers Blog– Using Candy Land for Site Words.

FreeTechForTeachers– All around great resource. Must ready daily!

Washington Post article: Why Teacher Bashing is Dangerous.

There were several other interesting articles and I encourage you, if you are not already on twitter come join the conversation.

Twitter Handbook for Teachers




Who am I?

My name is TJ Houston. Here’s a Wordle that describes me and what I do.

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Normally I write for http://www.Smalltowngeeks.net but a lot of times I have something that I want to share that isn’t say “commercial” information. This blog is going to be my personal blog that I can share cool #edtech links that I find or share some photography tips that I have learned. You can find me on twitter @tjhouston and on facebook at tj.houston.

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