Cool App To Share Your Favorite Ipad Apps

Today while browsing @tonyvincent ‘s blog I noticed a cool tool that he was using to share his favorite IOS apps. Appsfire is a place for you to create a list of your favorite apps as well as find other apps that you may like. Appsfire also allows you to “Follow” a search term for updates in the future. You can also limit your search to free only apps. Another great feature of the site is the ability to share your “Device” on social networks. You can also add your device to your blog.


Use Google Forms to Calculate Your Mileage

I am constantly looking for ways to simplify my work-flows. If it is not easy I try to find a way to make it easy. My district re-imburses me for mileage traveled between buildings as well as to conferences. I thought of a few different ways to accomplish this easily, I could use an app to track it, I could pull data from foursquare, or I could create a google form and have a link to it on my computer, my ipad, as well as my iphone.

Apple TV in Education

This was just a thought on my way to Iste 2011 in Philly… Lets take a step back and think about how we use the interactive white board. We use it to write down our notes and save them for students to use later. We mark up worksheets, sometimes we have students engage and have them solve equations or find the pronoun in the sentence. What if every student had the whiteboard in there hand and with a click of a button they are now sharing what they are working on to everyone in the classroom.