So its 7:19 and I am sitting at the airport bar with my girlfriend Ashley Clark (@aclark126). We are looking at the pictures I took the other night testing out my new camera (Canon G12) I show her this picture:


I explained how there was a gazebo on the beach and a hall right behind the church. She responded ” Well you haven’t asked me yet?” So I said “Will you marry me?” Yep at the airport bar…. I proposed at the air port bar. When the time is right, the time is right 🙂


Here is a short video before we get on the plane to Sin City 🙂

Extended Version (New Stuff is at 1:30)

5 Steps to Check into a Better Image For Your School

With services such as foursquare, Facebook Location, and Google Places a gaining traction, social checkin’s have become more popular than ever before. One thing I noticed about my area is I only had to create one location, all of the other locations (schools) have already been added by someone else. This was a good feeling as well as a terrifying one. The purpose of this post is to alert administrators that they are responsible for their building’s image physically as well as online. The good news is it can be controlled in 5 steps.


List.ly, a Free Service For List Collaboration

Many times people ask a question on social media services like “What are your favorite apps for history?” or “What is the best service for saving your bookmarks online ?” and you get either a ton of responses of the same thing because people don’t see what others say or you are overrun with responses and you can’t keep up. List.ly is a tool that you can create a question and people can collaborate on your list.


Merge info from Google Forms to PDF Document and Send via Email

Today we needed a way to easily take information submitted from Google Form and create a form letter so administrators can sign and send it home with a student. I went through several mail merge scripts but nothing fit exactly what I needed so I took some of the best ideas from all of them (especially the employee of the month script) and created a system that works for us. This method of utilizing Google Apps script can be used for certificates for PD sessions, creating awards, or any other documents in which you need to get information that is submitted via a Google form.

Note, this is an advanced walkthrough but if you need help, please just ask! I am more than willing to work through it with you!