Video Interview with Charles Maring

Last week I jumped on Google Hangouts with my friend Charles Maring. This was my first time using hangouts in this way so I am sorry you have to stare at my face while he is talking 🙂

During this interview, Charles and I talk about his approach to lighting as well as where he finds inspiration. Below you will find information about Charles and his wife as well as where to find them online!

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Self Image Critique: Soft Lighting Done Wrong (ish)

The purpose of this blog is to share what I learn with lighting in hopes that it will help you guys as well! In this video I share how I screwed up a portrait and what I would do to fix it in the future! Leave a comment below if you have ever had the same issue.

Here is the video where I go step by step on what I screwed up. In the future I would put more diffusion on the bottom and also make sure the face is the brightest part in the image. I will also use my meter and check the shoulder to make sure there is not to much light and not enough detail.


Here is a more in depth video that talks about soft lighting from James Schmelzer




Hope this helps!