January 12, 2017 TJ Houston

It is a season for resolutions and new beginnings. This is a post of reflections, ideas, and updates of where this blog is going and what I am focused on. I want to start with an apology. I used to post regularly helping educators and technologists do their jobs better. I want to get back to that. I want to help. I want to be that blogger you can lean on and depend on. Here’s how I plan to do that.Ā  (more…)

February 20, 2016 TJ Houston

This year marks my 3rd trip to WPPI andĀ over the last 16 years I haveĀ traveled to Vegas over 20 times. I wanted to share some tips for not only having a great time at WPPI but also a few tips that I have learned along the way for having an awesome time while visiting the city of sin! (more…)

November 26, 2015 TJ Houston

Podcasts are a great resource for free information that you can consume while you are working, driving, working out, or when you are trying to knock out the backlog of weddings @ 11pm on Sunday evening. I have listened to podcasts for years and I truly feel they have made an impact in both my personal and business life. Today I share 10 of the podcasts I am subscribed to that help me stay on top of the photography industry as well as focus on building my business. (more…)

November 23, 2015 TJ Houston

My name is Tj, I have a problem. I am addicted to buying camera bags. Each one better then the last or at least thats how I try to convince my wife. Today I wanted to share a GREAT travel bag that I have been using the last few weeks. Lets take a look at the VEO Messenger Bag from Vanguard. (more…)

November 21, 2015 TJ Houston

This weekend my friend Ryan and I went on a road trip to Chicago to see Paul Gero, Sony Artisan, speak at the Garfield Park Conservatory. The class was great the venue was perfect and the friendly employees from Dodd Camera did an awesome job helping photographers both novice and pro learn new techniques and improve their photography skills! (more…)

November 18, 2015 TJ Houston

If you have been following me on Instagram or social media you will see I have been posting a lot of pics live from my sessions and my weddings. This has been one of the big reasons that I have transitioned to mirrorless for my primary cameras. My goal was to be closer to my clients and be apart of the events that were unfolding around me. Posting to social media from the shoot is one way that I can do that!  Recently a fellow photographer asked what my workflow was to be able to do that so quick. So I…