Sync Multiple Google Calendars to your IOS 7 Device.

I have had a lot of users come to me because the IOS 7 update caused issues with not all of their Google Calendars not showing up on their mobile devices. If for some reason no calendars or contacts are showing then you should delete your account and re-add.

To get started on your mobile device head to 

You will have a list of your available calendars. Simply select the calendars that you want on your mobile device.

Close the calendar app.

Re-open the calendar and refresh the app by dragging down on the screen. It will take a few minutes for all of the calendars to show up.


As always let me know if you need anything!


Connecting your Apple TV to Your VGA Projector (With Sound)

@llacrosse and I have been racking our brains on how to connect the Apple TV to the projector. Last year we used Apple’s HDMI to DVI cable but that did not provide sound. We also tried using some of the airplaying software that I have covered in the passed but it was very buggy. Last weekend she DM’d me with a possible solution and I am happy to report that it works pretty solid in the classroom.

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