Adobe Education Exchange

I was recently at #oetc12 the edtech conference in Ohio and I was introduced to Adobe’s new products focusing on education. Adobe is making great strides in the education community by offering entry level certifications as well as curating content to be used in the classroom. Lets take a look at the free resource sharing site from Adobe, the Adobe Education Exchange.

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IEP’s are for Teachers too. Planning your PD.

Tonight’s Edchat topic as well as @llacrosse’s article got me thinking about how we look at professional development. I have noticed that PD is mostly offered as a whole group session on certain topics. The problem with this is that a lot of time you have a mixed audience of different skill levels. Some are bored, some are content, some are overwhelmed. Why do we continue to offer PD in this way? Is the whole staff getting the most out of the PD sessions that you are offering? As the title of the post says I am going to share my thoughts and my plans for this year.

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