February 13, 2014 TJ Houston 2Comment

Recently we ordered roughly 75 C710’s for our high school. All but one of the devices came pre-enrolled and every time we tried to enroll it we got an error that it could not be completed. We tried power washing the Chromebook and still had no luck. The only option we had was to restore the device and re-install the Chrome OS. Here is how we did it! (more…)

January 6, 2014 TJ Houston

I was just browsing the Google Apps For Education Google + Community and I saw this quick tip. If you enter the word timer and then how much time you need, hit enter you will have an instant timer!  

July 25, 2013 TJ Houston 2Comment

I am presenting at the Greater Clark Connected Conference in Jeffersonville, IN this morning and Brett asked me to do a 2 hour session on chrome apps. So similar to my previous preso 60 chrome apps in 60 minutes,  here is 90 Chrome Apps in 120 Minutes.   https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1rWwo78NKdFaweq-9_u9OSMiqzn0nIrHP8gMGzj_1Bcc

April 23, 2013 TJ Houston 2Comment

Recently my food service director went to a meeting and they started discussing QR Codes as an easy way to share  the lunch menu. We are having small magnets printed with the QR code so students can have them in their lockers so they can instantly see what is for lunch.  (more…)

April 4, 2013 TJ Houston

Our Superintendant asked us to create goals and last week we had a follow up meeting. I figured I would share the memo that sums up what we are doing.  (more…)