A Black and White walk through Martins Fantasy Island with the PEN-f and 17mm

Recently I picked up a few Olympus cameras to try out. I purchased both the EM1-II and the PEN-F. The PEN is nice and small and when paired with the 17mm something magical happens. Walk with me and my family through the amusement park in black and white.

When I picked these up I assumed I would use the EM1 all the time and much like my a6500 the rangefinder would be my backup. I couldn’t be more wrong. There is something about the design of this camera that makes you want to shoot with it. I know that sounds weird but the feel, the design, the creative color modes just inspire you to create and be different. Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent visit to Martins Fantasy Island with my family.


TJ Houston

TJ Houston the Vice President of Managed services at Epiphany Management Group. TJ leads professional development in all areas of technology and loves developing ways to make teachers, students, and staff's lives easier with the use of technology. TJ also loves photography and his portfolio can be found at http://www.tjshots.com. All of the views on this site are his own.