A letter to my #wppi friends new and old.

Whew, what a week. My absolute favorite part of WPPI is the people. I am so fortunate to surround myself with so many amazing artists that are all around awesome people. This WPPI was like no other. I met some amazing new friends and hung out with many old friends.

To My Wppi Friends New and Old.

Thank you.

Thank you for hanging out with me, the good times, the even better conversations and of course the Chicago style pizza.

Thank you for teaching me and mentoring me, not just on photography but on life and your experiences.

Thank you for including me. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for investing in me

Most of all Thank you for being a friend.

To everyone pictured below and the ones that we didn’t get a chance to grab a selfie thanks for being Awesome 

Your Friend



TJ Houston

TJ Houston the Vice President of Managed services at Epiphany Management Group. TJ leads professional development in all areas of technology and loves developing ways to make teachers, students, and staff's lives easier with the use of technology. TJ also loves photography and his portfolio can be found at http://www.tjshots.com. All of the views on this site are his own.