Using the Moto Z for a photoshoot #motoMod #madeWithModoMod

This year as I was black Friday shopping I decided I would treat myself to an all new phone and with buy one get one attachments, who could go wrong with the Moto Z ? Well this weekend I used it on one of my senior shoots and I wanted to share some of the work!

First and foremost I absolutely love this phone. It is super fast, has a pretty good camera and it also holds a charge for a pretty long time. My favorite part of this phone is the available “Moto Mods” which add on features like extended battery, external speaker, a camera with 10x optical zoom and even a projector. You can find out more information about MotoMods here:



During a few of my senior sessions this weekend I decided to see how well the Moto Z would hold up for doing portraiture and WOW was I blown away. One of my subjects is an artist so I decided to use the projector to project her art on my studio wall to use as a background.


All of the images are right out of camera including the black and whites. Below is some info on the camera and projector as well as some of the images I captured.



Hasselblad MotoMod:



Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot!


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