Leadership for Breakfast, Episode 1: Breakfast for Dinner

Today I published my first episode of Leadership for Breakfast. My goal is really for me to reflect on my journey in leadership and hopefully share with others. I am by no means an expert and I am learning about this leadership alongside everyone else!

Today’s episode we talk about leaders and titles and how not all leaders have titles and not everyone with a title is a leader. Can you think of one time when you didn’t have a title but you lead a group? Answer that question and leave me some feedback in the comments please 🙂


TJ Houston

Hey everyone, My name is TJ and I am here to help you! I am a lifelong learner that strives to help others. Work: By day I work for Panasonic as the Sales Support Rep for the Midwest Region. Play: I love all things photography, videography, and tech! Home: I have a loving wife (Ashley) and an adorable German shepherd (Jynx) You can find me on twitter @tjhouston on instagram @tjshotsphotography or if you want to see some of my professional photography work check out tjshots.com. All of the views on this site are my own and do not reflect my employers.