Apple’s Announcements and what they mean to photographers 3/21/16


Yesterday Apple made a few announcements and I wanted to share some of the things photographers should be excited about!


The big announcement of the day was a new smaller iPhone named the iPhone SE. The SE is a return to the 4-inch format like the 5S  but has the same processor and graphics as the iPhone 6S. Inside is Apple’s A9 chip, which doubles the speed of the older iPhone 5S. The SE also allows users to be able to use Hey Siri. The SE also features a 12MP camera, and shoots 4K video. There is an NFC chip inside so the phone can also work with Apple Pay.


The 16 GB iPhone SE starts at $399 but will be free with a two-year contract or $17 a month on an installment plan. Pre orders for the phone start on March 24, and it will be available on March 31.



Now for a bit of confusion. Apple announced a smaller, 9.7 inch, version of the iPad pro.

The smaller version is just as powerful as its larger brother but in a smaller form factor. The new iPad pro features the powerful A9x chip and the screen is less reflective then any other mobile device on the market. The new iPad Pro also features more color saturation which is a welcome update for photographers. One of the new features is a technology called “True Tone Display” which changes the color temperature of the screen based on the ambient light in the room. I am hoping that you will be able to turn off this feature for editing files as I don’t like the idea of having an inconsistent display. We will see how it works and let you know!

I found that the two main cam sites, and another, on which I went are usually 100% free, like most shows. Ladies just rely or ask for advice. Much sets the target amounts before they do anything.

The smaller iPad Pro works with the Apple Pencil stylus and new line of snap on keyboards that Apple introduced with the original iPad Pro. If you use your iPad for photo’s, the new iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel camera and a LED back-facing flash.

The new iPad comes in silver, gold, space gray, and rose gold and costs:

$599 for the 32 GB Wi-Fi

$749 for the 129 GB Wi-Fi

$899 for the 256 GB Wi-Fi



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