Impromptu Throwdown! LMS’s In Schools

Last evening during #ohedchat people were talking about blended learning and how an LMS is an integral part to a successful blended learning environment. Then Jeremy Brueck ( @brueckj23 ) shared

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 3.34.51 PM






To which I responded “Then you are using it wrong”

That started the great conversation that we then took to a quick Google Hangout. Sorry for the lack of production value 🙂

For more information about Jeremy check out his blog:


Do you think an LMS is an integral part to a blended learning environment?

TJ Houston

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  • Love this discussion, I’m obviously a little biased, but still a great convo nonetheless.

  • Jeremy Evans

    I obviously missed a great discussion last night. I totally see both sides to this issue. True blended learning should be open, but as an elementary tech teacher, privacy is a huge issue. Privacy is very important for our parents. So in some situations, it’s not even an option to allow students to venture beyond our school walls, so to speak. Not sure this solves anything, but it’s my two cents anyways.

  • Ryan MacRaild

    My concern is that few grad/undergrad educators use the power of LMS for true blended learning. Its a post, read, reply mentality for many of the old guard forced to use it without a real background of the potential of connections.

    I get worried that we are trying new and powerful teaching with tech tools in secondary classrooms and when they go to post-secondary, it all gets pushed to the side and the students take a step back.

    We need to prepare our students for any environment and teach them to use the tools, regardless of name, brand or cost, to help themselves be more connected to their learning.

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  • Hi,

    I strongly feel that blended learning management systems are the only way forward due to the simple fact that they are able to meet the requirements of individual students while boosting the student engagement and achievement considerable.

    Since blended LMS’ are widely adopted, it is important that everyone should be aware what does blended learning signify. It is a formal education program in which the educational institutions opts for the optimal use of technology with the sole aim to develop optimal situations for effective small-group instructions.

    Recently, I came across a research that stated that smaller class sizes are capable of producing stronger cognitive abilities in the learners and eventually strengthen the productivity and overall efficiency of students. Moreover, the ability to collect data/information and customization of instructions are some of the key benefits of this approach that helps to strengthen the student achievement outcomes.

    Therefore, I am in favor of using blended learning in schools because it can help learning to become more student friendly.