Going #Chromando Project Update

I wanted to update everyone on my going “Chromando”  project in which I will be using only the Chromebook for the next month or so.

Here are a few limitations I have found using the Chromebook:

  1. Photoshop and Lightroom- As a photographer I am always in these two programs. That being said I understand that this is not what this tool is for. 
  2. Screen Recorder- I have not been able to find a screen recorder that works with the Chromebook. It seems like all of the websites that offer this are heavily based in Java.
  3. Projector Connection- I have been un-successful at finding an adapter that allows me to connect a VGA projector to my Samsung Chromebook.

Other then those few things everything is going swell so far.

These are the things I love so far:

  1. I love the instant on- For once the technology is not taking away from instructional time. Student can open their devices and they are ready to move!
  2. I love the speed- Being solid state, the read write times are extremely fast and I dont find myself waiting for any file transfer etc.
  3. I love the ease of use- I can put this device in front of anyone who has used a web browser and they can use the device.

A few other notes.


Today I received the Acer C7 as a demo unit. I really wish I could meld the Samsung and the Acer Chromebooks together and make one super Chromebook.

First thoughts on the Acer C7:



  • VGA Connection
  • More keys on the keyboard (Delete & Backspace)
  • Ethernet



  • Spinning Disk Hard Drive
  • Battery life
  • Replaceable battery (Bad for students and loss issues)
  • AC Adapter (Part that can be removed. I see loss issues)


If you have any suggestions or something to add please leave a comment!



TJ Houston

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