Displaying Multiple Google Calendars on Your Website

Recently we needed to display all of our different athletics calendars into one calendar to display on our website. You may want to merge your different building calendars into one calendar or you may have several different clubs or groups that you want to make a “Social” calendar for. Google makes this very easy with their configuration tool.

To get started login to your Google Account and navigate to your calendar. Once you are in your calendar click on the sprocket or gear in the top right corner:

Once in your settings you should see a button that says “Calendars”

You should see a listing of all of your different calendars.

*Note: If you are trying to embed someone else’s calendar they have to be sharing it with you inorder to merge it.

Click on one of the calendars. You will now be presented with the calendar options as well as embed code. There will be a blue “HTML” icon about halfway down the page. Click on this.

You will now be presented with a dialog box that gives you the direct URL to your calendar. Below that you will see a link that will take you to the configuration tool. Click on the link.

Once on the configuration page make the changes on the left in order to build the calendar how you want it to look on your website. Once you have the calendar the way you want it click the “Update HTML” button.

Copy this code and enter into your website. Note many websites have different ways of handling HTML if you have trouble feel free to contact me and we can figure it out together.

Also if the size does not fit your website how you want it to you can change the height and width variables in the embed code.

If you have any problems or issues as always feel free to contact me!



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About the Author: TJ Houston

TJ Houston is the Director of Technology at Shelby City Schools and New London Local Schools for Epiphany Management. TJ leads professional development in all areas of technology and loves developing ways to make teachers, students, and staff's lives easier with the use of technology. TJ also loves photography and his portfolio can be found at http://www.tjshots.com. All of the views on this site are his own.

  • Gina G

    Is there a way to print out multiple calendars that are aligned?

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  • Kris Parker

    Is there a way to create a URL with multiple calendars embedded on it? Our church website doesn’t support HTML (I know, crazy), but we want to link to our calendars which is through Google.

    • http://www.tjhouston.com/ TJ Houston

      unfortuneately not to mu knowledge. Could you just create a free blogger site or google site and embed the code there?

  • Debbie

    Just wanted to say THANKS! I tried following a number of other site’s instructions but got lost. Taking the time to do screen captures and circling the bits that you needed to look at helped IMMENSELY. Our little community care centre now displays 3 google calendars. I was doing it old school before. MANUALLY typing in the calendar. crazy right? thanks again!

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