Checking Google Drive Available Space

Earlier today while playing with Google Drive I noticed they did not display how much room I have left like they do in Gmail. While poking around I did find it. Here is a super quick tutorial on finding how much space you have left in your Google Drive.

To get started open up Google Drive

When your drive opens click on the lower gear / sprocket (Sprocket sounds so much cooler)


When this opens click on settings

On the next page you will see your available space.

Have a great weekend!



TJ Houston

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  • You can also click on the upload icon (Disk with an arrow) and it will show how much out of your 5 GB (or which ever amount you have purchased) that you are using.  –  Bob05

    • Michael

       Thanks, Good thing I read your comment straight after…. Your method is much easy and require one one click.

  • Paul Saunders

    Thanks – Why is google help not helpful???

  • blogger2help
  • Was looking for this information. Thanks ! 🙂