, a Free Service For List Collaboration

Many times people ask a question on social media services like “What are your favorite apps for history?” or “What is the best service for saving your bookmarks online ?” and you get either a ton of responses of the same thing because people don’t see what others say or you are overrun with responses and you can’t keep up. is a tool that you can create a question and people can collaborate on your list.
 is a great way to crowd source information and get feedback from your audience. A couple ways I plan on using this is getting feedback from my teachers for pd sessions, to find out from administration goals for the district. I encourage you to sign up at and start creating lists!

TJ Houston

TJ Houston the Vice President of Managed services at Epiphany Management Group. TJ leads professional development in all areas of technology and loves developing ways to make teachers, students, and staff's lives easier with the use of technology. TJ also loves photography and his portfolio can be found at All of the views on this site are his own.