March 27, 2012 TJ Houston 6Comment

So its 7:19 and I am sitting at the airport bar with my girlfriend Ashley Clark (@aclark126). We are looking at the pictures I took the other night testing out my new camera (Canon G12) I show her this picture:


I explained how there was a gazebo on the beach and a hall right behind the church. She responded ” Well you haven’t asked me yet?” So I said “Will you marry me?” Yep at the airport bar…. I proposed at the air port bar. When the time is right, the time is right 🙂


Here is a short video before we get on the plane to Sin City 🙂

Extended Version (New Stuff is at 1:30)

  • Adam Ladd

    That is awesome.  Congrats!

  • Tim Cullen

    All the best folks, hope your Vegas trip was a blast! loved your vid.
    Found your site via Apple Configurator vid you’d posted – . (I’m implementing a rollout in a Scottish secure unit) 

    • Thanks! Let me know if you need anything!


  • Gaber

    Wonderful – Lots of joy to you both!