Add “Send PDF to Evernote” to the OS X Print dialog

As I am starting to use Evernote more and more, I wanted an easy way to save pdf’s within Evernote for things like helpdesk tickets, PO’s, and other content that I would normally print. In a previous article I wrote about adding “Send to Itunes” to the PDF section of OSX. After some research I realized it was very easy to add Evernote to the print menu.

To get started open your “Applications” folder on your hard drive and locate Evernote:

Right click on the Evernote icon and select “Make Alias”:

After you click “Make Alias” you will see a second Evernote Icon show up.

You need to drag this Icon to /Library/PDF Services:

After you drag the icon into the location you will see Evernote show up in the print dialog box:

Click Evernote in the print dialog box and Evernote will open with your PDF attached:

If you have any issues please let me know!



TJ Houston

TJ Houston the Vice President of Managed services at Epiphany Management Group. TJ leads professional development in all areas of technology and loves developing ways to make teachers, students, and staff's lives easier with the use of technology. TJ also loves photography and his portfolio can be found at All of the views on this site are his own.

  • Is this possible on a PC?

    • Sorry for the 4 month delay 🙂 No I do not believe its possible

  • Cynthia Shelhart

    Hi TJ: love the solution, thanks for posting. I accidentally ended up with 2 “Evernotes” in PDF Services (Evernote and Evernote alias)… although I only see Evernote itself in the PDF Services folder, I see both listed when I print & open the PDF dialog. How can I get rid of the (redundant?) “Evernote alias”? Thanks from a 1-month switcher!