Create Your SMART Lessons from home for free!

Picture this: You are at home and you have this awesome idea for a Smart Lesson but your not at work to build it. You look at your computer and you don’t have Smart Notebook installed. What to do! In the words of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 commercials “To the cloud!”.

If we head over to to the Smart Notebook Express Website, we will be presented with 2 options.

Here we can create a new notebook file or open one that you already have done.



I will say this application does have some limitations, it is a little bit “laggy” and its not the fastest thing in the world. I did notice that you can download an “Express” version for Mac, PC, and Linux that does run a bit better. You can find that software here.

The Express edition would also be great for stations in a classroom where you could set up a different assignment (like a grammer activity where they have to correct the sentence) at each station. Or your students can have access to the software at home.

If you need ideas for your lessons, check out my previous article “So you got a Smartboard, Now what?


How could you use this in the classroom?





TJ Houston

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