YouCanBook.Me is a site that takes your Google calendar to the next level for scheduling things like appointments, labs, conferences, and events that occur at your school. YCBM is a free service as long as you keep the logo on your calendar or you can pay about $1 a month to get rid of it.

Getting Started:

You have to options for using you can use your personal / EDU gmail account or your administrator can roll it out to the whole Google apps domain and it will integrate into your Google docs.

How it works:

“When someone clicks on one of your times, they have to state their email address and any other fields you specify. As soon as they have confirmed, a new event appears in your calendar and you get an email alert. You have the option of automatically emailing them with a unique link so they can change their mind and cancel the booking.” (From


(You can customize the time slots to be your class periods)

I can think of so many uses for this awesome service. Another great thing about the service is they give you the embed code (iframe) so you can easily integrate the service into your school website or your Google site’s.


How can you use this service?





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